Ruling Family

The Ruling Rechburg families.

Listed below are the main family characters in the Rechurg Saga that will be roleplayed.



Brief Family Biographies

Herzog Constantine II



Constantine II was born in 1698 in Albany Rechburg to Herzog Michial II and Princess Marie von Klugenstein of Flensburg.
In 1716 18 year old Constantine II had an affair with Princess Charlotte of Danemark, the result of which an illegitimate son was born in 1717. The son was named Rupert.
Due to the bad relationship between the two nations and the Danemarkian fear that a Rechburgian Prince may one day sit on their throne, Princess Charlotte was not permitted to marry Constantine II. She was instead married off to Prince Franz of Bergatonia, Prince Franz was awarded a huge dowry to cover the scandal and accept Prince Rupert as his own.
This incident was to be the source of great rivalries, jealousies, intrigue, and wars between Rechburg on the one hand, The Kingdom of Denmark and the Principality of Bergatonia on the other.
Constantine II married in 1719 to Princess Catherine Gregory daughter of Prince Harry the 3rd son of King Edward, King of the Brittannic Empire.
Catherine died giving birth to Prince Leopold their 3rd child in 1723.
After the death of Catherine, Constantine II became a workaholic, he spent most of the hours of the day and nights working tirelessly on all matters concerning his realm. The only distraction he allowed himself were his 3 children, especially young Prince Wilhelm who was the eldest son and therefore heir to the throne.

Prince Wilhelm

Eldest Son & Heir.
Born 1720


Prince Wilhelm has often been referred to "within the family" as the family radical. As a child he was always difficult to handle, as a teenager he had a strong sense of independence. He has seen service with Britannic troops in Gurania as well as commanding units in the Rechburg Colony on Gurania. 
He has been the Commander of the Guards Foot Brigade and is currently second in command of the Army.
It has been considered by many within the Empire as well as internationally that despite his youth Prince Wilhelm is most likely the most capable General in the Herzogtum Rechburg, he is without a doubt the youngest; however his ability as a General and his age do not endear him to the Elder Rechburg Military Establishment.

The Prince was very popular with people, perhaps it was his easy manner, or perhaps simply he was considerate of many of their problems; but the popularity would be one of the main sources of Rechburgian strength in years to come.
Prince Wilhelm as heir must marry well, but as he is quite shy in the company of women this has caused many issues. Like his sister Princess Caroline the heir insists on making the final decision to the marriage partner.His father Constantine II is very worried that Prince Wilhelm does not wish to marry, a situation that has led to much tension between father and son.

Prince Leopold
 Born 1723

Prince Leopold was always the son that would find trouble, he was very much the boy and later than man who could be found on a horse out hunting or training with his Cavalry Regiment. His definite effeminate features do not betray the strong determined nature that some say is almost fanatical. Like his elder brother he is extremely proud, independent and has the one desire to achieve glory as a military commander. It would certainly seem that his keen horsems been attending the Military School in Albany  his martial abilities have come to the notice and impressed most of his tutors. It has been recordered by Count Ferstien the Schools Commanding officer that "Without a doubt Prince Leopold has a future as Cavalry Commander"..
If he had a fault it was his extreme Protestant belief, so much so that both Constantine and later Wilhelm would have to deal with the consequences of his almost extreme hatred of all things Catholic.
Being the next eldest Male in the family line Prince Wilhelm will  succeed Wilhelm on the throne.

Princess  Caroline

Born in 1722 Caroline was considered by many to be an extremely willful and independent  woman. Caroline is a tall attractive young woman, much to her fathers admiration and dismay she is a very independent woman. She is devoted to her father and idolises her eldest brother Wilhelm.
She is very much the mediator within the family. She has been very reluctant to marry yet knowing that for the sake of her country she must marry well. Princess Caroline has one condition on her marriage, that is she has the final decision on the marriage partner. This decision of hers has caused much consternation to her family and her many royal suitors.
Princess Caroline is involved in a secret relationship with Lord Anders the Britannic Ambassador to Rechburg. She is not able to marry him as her status as Princess requires she marry a Europian Royal, despite this Caroline is happy to maintain the relationship in the hope for father will change his mind and allow her to marry the man of her choice.
The Princess has been in secret communication with here friend Princess Charlotte of Bergatonia, Princess Charlotte was at one her fathers lover and mother to their son Duke Rupert of Bergatonia. Despite Rechburg and Bergatonia constantly bickering on a diplomatic and military level, Princess Caroline and Princess Charlotte have been in regular communication. In later years these communications were to have dire consequences when they were discovered in Bergatonia.
Despite the wide age gap, both these women were of a similar attitude and they had Constantine II in common, for one her father and the other the man she still secretly loved and had a bastard son but was not allowed to marry.

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