Rechburg National Statistics

Royal Standard of Herzogtum von Rechburg

 Map of Central Europia including the Herzogtum von Rechburg

The Above map of Herzogtum von Rechburg includes all major towns and cities, there are scores of villages and Hamlets not included, merely not to clutter the map.

Official religion - ProtestantReligious Percentages - Protestant - 46%, Catholic - 30%, Lutherism - 15%, other 9%


 70 Hamlets, villages with a average population = 2,500 = 175,000
40 Major towns of a average population of 20,000 each = 800,000
6 Major Cities average population each 300,000 each = 1,800,000
Maximum Population Available for Military 5.5% = 152,625
Current Peacetime Regular Military (Incl excl Navy) = 32,850


The Economy of the Herzogtum von Rechburg is largely based on maritime trade with its colony in Gurania. The expansion of the Gurania Colony has been progressing solidly over the last decade, from this resource rich continent resources such as Tobacco, silk, cotton,crops,ore, and timber.

Within the Rechburg homeland the western plains have some of Europa's finest horse studs. It is also an area that produces significant crops.
To the East in the highlands and mountains of the eastern provinces iron,copper and timber are produced in growing quantaties.
The Herzogtum benefits greatly from the trade that uses the Euro river, this river is one of the lifelines for the central states of Europa that seek access to the North sea. Thus it is a significant
trade route.

Major trading partners are Empire of Britannia  the Kingdom of Swadia, The Duchy of Flensburg and the Kingdom of Pomonia.

Despite being an ally and trading partner the Britannic Empire looked with concern upon the growing Rechburgian Maritime trade and influence with its own colony as well as many of the other colonies in Gurania. It is a influence that the Britannic  Government resents but due to its own weak army it needs the hired troops that Rechburg provides so is unable to force the issue.

Conversely Rechburg maritime trade in the time of war needs the protection of the large Britannic navy.

Rechburg has over the last few tears discovered copper, iron and coal deposits in the high Goltheim plateau in Eastern Rechburg, reports suggest the deposit's likely run across the Ulrichstein border thus Rechburg is not prepared to lose any influence in Western Ulrichstein.

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