Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wartenburg Campaign at the end of the 2nd week

Following the Battle of Hister the Wartenburg forces have withdrawn both west and north, at this stage the Hapburgians have not followed up, it is believed they are reorganising their units following the battle.

In the north a Wartenburg/Franconian Cavalry Reconnaissance in force has located some Vandahalla forces around Oschatz, this is most likely the force that has encouraged the Nor East Wartenburg  area to reclaim King Leopold of Hapburgia as their own. This revolt within a revolt does not bode well for King Konstantin who is leading his realm in a revolt against the Hapburgian Empire.

No doubt in the next week or so the Hapburgian King will begin his move on the Wartenburg rebels and their Franconian allies.

Friday, January 4, 2013

A meeting Engagement

A meeting Engagement near the Bergatonian Capital

Prince Leopold
Both the Rechburg and Bergatonian Armies advanced on the same day, both hoping to catch the other before they were prepared.
2 days after the armies left their respective bivouacs Prince Leopold was told that a Brittanic Infantry Brigade was at Bimberfeld, he could he decided stop and wait for them to join him and in fact was in the process of doing so when his first patrols reported that they had seen a joint Bergatonian-Franconia force advancing towards them.
Realising battle was imminent all Prince Leopold could do was send a dispatch rider to urge the Brittanic troops to advance directly on New Madrid while he pinned their army on the Ostwald-New Madrid road.

Franconian General Alexis Schnellendorf
General Alexis Schnellendorf was a little surprised to run up against Rechburg units so close to New Madrid, his first reaction was to withdraw back on to the Bergatonian Capital, however he then realised his army was now  two days away from the city and the Rechburgians only a few hours from his present position.
His current position was not suitable for a battle and he was advised that there was a better position further along the road, the real question would be who would get there first.
Later in the day he received reports from Duke Rupert that a Brittanic Army had been seen near Bimberfeld, he was relieved that he had insisted that Duke Rupert stay behind in New Madrid with 2 brigades of Infantry, it was unlikely the Brittanic troops would reach New Madrid before he dealt with the Rechburgian whelp, once he had done that then both he and Rupert could deal with the Brittanic army.