Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rechburg and Bergatonia consider their next moves.

Near the Capital of Bergatonia

Franconian General Alexis Schnellendorf sat on his horse watching the Bergatonian army reorganising itself after having just marched back from the battle of Ostwald, there was no doubt in the General’s mind he was looking at a defeated army.
It must be admitted he thought to himself, that they had fought very bravely, however despite their bravery their army had been defeated. The General pondered the real value of some of the units he was watching they have twice been in battle and twice they have been defeated.
Duke Rupert rode up beside him, he quickly glanced at the Franconian and instantly he knew what the General was thinking.
“Yes Alexis they are a mess, but we will whip them back into shape, they will be ready soon. He pointed to a Guards battalion that was currently marching by,
“Look at them Alexis; they look like they are on parade, damn good men there”

The General nodded, “Aye sire they do look like a fine body of men, it’s a shame the rest were not as well presented as your Guard.”
“Well my friend” Duke Rupert said “If the damn Rechburgians will stay away for another week we will be ready to face them, especially with your new units.”

“Well Sire that’s the thing,” General Schnellendorf replied. “I am concerned why the Rechburgians are not already here, pushing their swords into our backs why the army is so disorganised.”

Rupert nodded, and then added “Well I am guessing they were as equally battered as my own army and are taking their own time to reorganise.”

The General reached into his pocket and taking out a small tin, he extracted a piece of snuff and inserted it into his nose, the exploding sneeze was considerable,
“Oh god that’s damn good stuff” he said offering some to the Duke.
Duke Rupert declined, smiling to himself he watched the General dry the tears from his eyes.

“Sire at the risk of sounding indelicate, I don’t think the Rechburgians were that badly hurt in the battle, at least not from what I observed before I left with the rearguard. I believe they are waiting for reinforcements, and if so that could create a huge problem for us.”

The Duke nodded his head in disagreement
“No Alexis you are wrong, I know where most of the Rechburgian units are, and they just don’t have the additional men to reinforce their army here.”

“That maybe so sire, but we have reports that Neider and Hollandaise have joined the Rechburgian- Brittanic alliance, we know the Brittanic Government has sent a brigade to Hollandaise and the last reports I read said they were heading to the Rechburgian border, which to me sounds like they are marching to join the Rechburgians at Ostwald. If that is true, we can assume the Brittanic Brigade wont be alone, most likely they will have Neider and Hollandaise contingents as well.”

Duke Rupert smiled at his Franconian friend,
“Why my dear Alexis I do believe you are more worried about your own men than my army. If the Rechburgian are being reinforced, then apart from your army there is little I can do for a week. But in that time I can reorganise the army and prepare defences around the capital, we will beat them then.”
“Sire I disagree, if they are waiting for reinforcements, it is because they feel inadequate to win against what we have here, now that little snippet already gives us an advantage if we take advantage of it quickly.
What I suggest sire, is I take my Division and those of yours that are not in bad shape and whip the Rechburgians before their reinforcements arrive, if we do that then we can defeat them in detail. Whereas sire if we sit and wait in your capital, you risk losing your Duchy, with their new reinforced army the Rechburgians can simply besiege us and ravage your country, how long do you think you will retain the affections and loyalty of your people if their homes and fields are being plundered, while we sit cooped up in New Madrid.”

Duke Rupert did not take kindly to being told what he should or should not do, but in his heart he knew the Franconian was right, if he sat on the defensive he lost all hope of regaining the initiative, especially if the General was right about the Rechburgian allied reinforcements.

“Very well Alexis, I agree, give me a few hours and I will sort out the units that are in condition to march with you, the others I will use to prepare defences back here as a last resort.”

“Nay sire, rather than prepare defences, the ones I leave behind with you, get them back into shape amalgamate the weaker units and send them forward, because once we beat the Rechburgian whelp we will need to go and kick their own damn houses down ourselves In fact I have already written to King Juan requesting another division so we can deal with Neider as well.”

Duke Rupert smiled to himself, “Yes Alexis excellent, I like the idea of squeezing the life out of that damned traitorous Neider bastard with my own hands. Yes indeed my dear friend, I will rebuild a new Bergatonian army to march and join you, together we will write a new history in Europia heh.”

“Yes well sire, first just let us win the next battle before we go writing anything”.

“Very well, come with me back to my tent and we will see what we can take from my army to join yours. When do you intend to march?”

The General looked at Rupert, “Well tomorrow sire if I can, the sooner the better”.
“Tomorrow, good god that could be a problem for some of my units, they are weary Alexis.”

“Well then let them rest tomorrow, we will march the day after, but no later sire”.
“Indeed Alexis no later, they will be ready the morning one day from now, or I will want to know why.”
General Schnellendorf nodded, though he didn’t want to waste a single hour he knew the Duke was right, the Bergatonions will need at least a day to recover.
“Thank you sire, now what can you spare me for my move on Ostwald.”

Near Ostwald

The Rechburgian Prince Leopold sat in his tent, he had spent the last few days reorganising his army and waiting for messages from Rechburg. The appearance of the Franconian Army had thrown an unexpected problem into the mix for Leopold to consider.
He had written to his father enquiring whether the Brittanic Brigade on the Rechburgian-Hollandaise border would be joining him, but the answer had still not come back suggesting there was considerable diplomatic wrangling going on, but for Leopold it was now getting to the point of being too late, he needed to decide his next step.
On their own he had no doubts he could finish the Bergatonions off, but now they were reinforced by a fresh army which suggests they may have as many as 10 new Battalions and a couple of Cavalry regiments, then that was entirely new problem.
Leopold had hoped the Franconians would march against him, but the reports from spies and deserters suggested that Duke Rupert would prepare the defences of his capital, possibly against a direct assault or more likely a siege.
A siege was another problem for Leopold, he didn’t have s siege train and he only had medium artillery, so it was likely to be a long issue, and with Franconia able to send more reinforcements Leopold was worried that his numbers were inadequate.
His only real chance was to move now, strike the enemy before they had prepared their defences fully, he realised he had dallied around Ostwald to long; it was time to move on New Madrid.

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