Thursday, November 8, 2012

News reports

A summary of clippings from news sheets throughout Europia – early winter.

The Duchy of Bergatonia
The Rechburgian – Bergatonian war has drifted into a phoney war following the Bergatonian defeat at Briel in Southern Rechburg. The Bergatonian army having now withdrawn back into winter quarters will undoubtedly quietly recover and rebuild.
Diplomatically Bergatonia very cleverly ensured the Kingdom of Danemark contracted their Papal vote in support of Bergatonia’s sponsor and ally Iberia.
It is rumoured in social circles within Bergatonia that the mad Duke has given up on his wish to marry an imperial Princess, in fact he has been seen in the company of one Countess Bouteville and her son who incidentally bears a considerable resemblance to the Duke.

The Imperial Hapburgian Empire
Rumours flooded the Hapburgian capital of Veronia of a near coup of the Imperial throne; the details are sketchy, however it now seems that Emperor Ferdinand is now firmly in control of the throne and Hapburgia. It has been suggested in certain social circles the coup attempt may have included the Emperors brother Archduke Eugene and his sister and her husband the Princess Arabella and Prince Konstantin.
Archduke Eugene has been seen at several social events since the rumoured coup so the extent of his involvement or even if he was implicated at all is less than certain.
The Imperial Army is currently involved in a battle against Rechburgian forces near the Ulrichstein town of Ulrichsburg, one report suggests the battle is still in progress and losses are severe for both sides. Undoubtedly news of this battle will be confirmed in a matter of days.

The Kingdom of Danemark
The great news from Danemark is that Princess Charlotte has finally returned from Bergatonia where she had been imprisoned by her son the Mad Duke. The details of her release are uncertain but what is known is that as result of the negotiations to free her Danemark has contracted to support the Iberian claim to the papal throne and the Danemark Navy has increased by 4x 3rd rate ships (64guns), the ships have been reported as ex Iberian navy vessels.
Diplomatically Rechburg and Danemark  have drawn closer together and the decades of animosity fueled by religious bigotry and family feuds would seem to have passed. For the first time in over twenty years Herzog Constantine II and King Olaf of Danemark met at a soiree in the neutral city of Eggsburg. Rumours also have suggested that the Duke was seen in the company of Princess Charlotte the Kings sister on several occasions since. Readers will no doubt recall that Duke Rupert of Bergatonia is the bastard child of  Herzog Constantine and Princess Charlotte, could this be a reconciliation of the two lovers that were torn apart by the animosity of their fathers and the religious gulf between their countries.
Despite the reports suggesting a Rechburgian Danemark improvement in diplomatic relations there will be difficulties in years to come concerning the Duchy of Flensburg. Readers will recall that the Duchy of Flensburg was created out of lands that used to belong to the Kingdom of Danemark, lands it lost in the peace treaty that concluded the northern wars. Since that time Danemark has agitated for the land to be returned, it would seem military action is unlikely however as the Duchy of Flensburg is allied to Rechburg and the Duchy of Pomonia, how this diplomatic deadlock will be resolved will be interesting to say the least.

The Grand Duchy of Wartenburg
Since their hurried return from Hapburgia the rumours in the Wartenburg capital Dreisden seem to suggest that Prince Konstantin and Princess Arabella are intending to announce the elevation of the Duchy into a Kingdom, naturally making the royal couple into King and Queen of the Kingdom of Wartenburg. How this affects relationship with the Hapburgian Empire will need to be seen, however in a recent soiree in Dreisden Prince Konstantin was seen in the company of the Franconian Ambassador. As a reporter of news in Wartenburg for many years, dear readers I can assure you I have never once seen the prince and the ambassador in such close company would this suggest a possible rapprochement between Wartenburg and Franconia. If this was to be true the consequences for the entire Europian continent could be fraught with great dangers as Wartenburg is still considered to be part of the Imperial lands and the Prince and Princess were appointed to rule the land on behalf of the Hapburgian Empire.

The Herzogtum of Rechburg
Since Rechburg was drawn into supporting the protestant rebels in Ulrichstein, the Herzogtum has over the last month been involved in two battles both of which were Rechburgian victories and is even now at the time of writing locked in a third battle with Imperial forces in Ulrichstein.
Diplomatically Rechburg has drawn closer to the Kingdom of Danemark, however the situation between Bergatonia remains unresolved and recent news from the Herzogtum suggests that the Iberian ambassador to Rechburg has been sent packing. Rumours indicate that expulsion was the result of information concerning Iberian involvement against Rechburg over a number of years that came from the recently released Princess Charlotte from her captivity in Bergatonia, a strong Iberian Ally. The coming summer months will be seen as pivotal to whether the war continues or will the diplomats use the winter months to try and make some diplomatic compromise.
The Herzog has announced this week that recruitment for the Rechburg army has recommenced and the arrival of Rechburgian troops from the Guranian Colonies would suggest that the Herzog can see little chance of a diplomatic solution and is therefore preparing for a new campaign season.

Other News
Pirates are once again active in the Northern Sea, a Rechburgian merchant vessel was sunk last month and last week a Britannic vessel and a Franconian vessel were sunk. It has been several years since the last signs of pirate activity and this new activity will be of great concern to all maritime trade on Europia.
Border skirmishes between the Iberian colony on Gurania and the Franconian colony have once again broken out, losses were small and would seemed have only involved local militia on both sides.
A diplomatic row has erupted out between the Duchy of Piemonte and the Duchy of Badenwald over the patents for the kettle with a spout. Is this a future sign of further aggression breaking out on Europia?

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