Thursday, October 18, 2012

Redirecting the Blog

Even though the recruiting of My SYW Imagi army is in full flight, I have had to make changes to the story in this blog, the changes have been brought about by real life issues and timing.  In fact the pace of story line is far outpacing my ability to rebuild an army to fight the battles that are due to start. So I have had to bite the bullet and compromise, something I did not do lightly. Since I already own a early Napoleonic army as do most of my friends I have made some adjustments in my blog and shifted the timeline from one end of the 18th Century to the other end, this has a number of advantages namely uniforms. Even though it is a Imagi nation in a imagi timezone I could see the purists (myself included) screaming if they saw pictures of Napoleonic uniforms in a SYW era. 
It also allows making the use of the VLE (Vive Le Emperur ) rules which are a homegrown set developed by a friend of mine and adopted by our wargaming group. It doesn't alter the story-line as I have been very particular about not including dates and as I don't have to reference anything to actual historical events it makes the transition much easier.

This change still allows me at a later date to return to the earlier years of Der Herzogtum von Rechburg once I have adequate soldiers in my army, meanwhile the current story reflects the later history of Rechburg.

In my story line there wont be a French (Franconia revolution) , that partially occurred in the late 17th century with the Revolt of the Barons. Instead Europia is undergoing a very turbulent time as it emerges from a chaos caused by a decade of severe climatic changes, religious revolution and the emerging of small nation states.

The Story still reflects the struggle of the large Empires trying to maintain their hold on what once was, the old Empires must battle each other as well as their respective allies in the emerging smaller nations. Rechburg is just one of many small nation states that have emerged out of the earlier Religious wars, like all the small states in Europia they  must now struggle just to exist.

Chapter 4 the battle between the armies of the  Emperor of Hapburgia as it attempts to calm Ulrichstein and restore their claim on the stricken Bishopric and those of  Rechburg who have moved a force into Ulrichstein to protect protestant  interests there will be concluded next week. We have a battle between the two armies to fight and it must be concluded before the first of the winter storms strikes Ulrichstein.

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