Monday, October 22, 2012

Pondering the changes

Yesterday being a perfectly fine day with lots of sun Geoff and I decided to have a Rechburg battle, today is heavily raining and I want to be out  in the country, isn’t that just like life.

Anyway Geoff acting out as "Mad" Duke Rupert took to invading Rechburg with an infantry division supported by 3 cavalry regiments. He was opposed by the Herzog’s youngest son Prince Leopold who commanded an experienced militia force of 2 Brigades supported by 3 Guard Cavalry regiments. How this invasion came about will be seen in Chapter 5 of the story and the results in the consequent AAR.

During the game I watched with both admiration and awe as Geoff acted out the Mad Duke, doing a really good impression of the psychotic schizophrenic ruler.  I was alarmed to see the bulging eyes and frothing at the mouth all brought on by the constant throwing of 1s and 2s while the handsome dashing prince Leopold simply threw 5s and sixes.

Anyway I digress; I was pondering the changes that we as war gamers go through. I recall over 40 years ago when I started war gaming players turned up in shorts and for refreshments we had bottles of coke and soft drinks with hamburgers.
Then it was Jeans and cans of beer with salted chips and later trousers, cardigans and bottles of wine and or port. Now its chocolate cakes and tea mixed with a lot of “I remember…..”

It seems in my war gaming realm the world passed by and whole generations simply came in one door and out the next and it wasn’t until 40 odd years later that I noticed the changes, funny old world aint it.

Currently my story line is waiting for Paul aka Archduke Ferdinand to cross swords in Ulrichstein, it should happen this week and we will have 2 chapters and AAR to consider.


  1. Geoff has always seemed perfectly sane to me !

  2. Yes it worries me having that Jeykel & Hyde frothing, snarling cake eating maniac sitting opposite, but on the other hand 1's and 2's will do that to you after a while.

    Of course you realise when he reads this I will be spending the rest of my days hiding up in the hills.