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Chapter 1 in the Story of Rechburg

Here is the next installment of the Story of Rechburg, the Chapters can be read separate as individual posts as per below or as consecutive installments on the The Story of Rechburg.

The reactions of certain individuals and nations within the story will be according to decisions made by third parties I will "press gang" as required, in particular my war-gaming compatriots. In that aspect the story make take turns that I least expect nor like, but we will roll with the blows. The battles will be fought on the tables of honour, so again the result of any battle or skirmish is never going to be a given until it is over.

So please enjoy as we follow the Story Of Rechburg

Chapter One – Herzog Constantine II 

For Herzog Constantine II, Sunday’s were usually the one and only time of the week that he could say he was happy. The reason being Sunday was reserved for the family and occasionally the family’s intimate friends, This Sunday however though it started out as a relaxing day was to have far reaching consequences for Constantine, his family and Rechburg.
His daughter Princess Caroline had kidnapped him, well actually she harangued  him long and hard enough to convince him he should go down to the lakes with her; she claimed she wished to show him where the gardens should be extended.  
Caroline always had plans for the gardens, Constantine reasoned it was one of the reasons his palace was one of the most beautiful in all of Europia. He often wondered at the frustration of the gardeners as they tried to keep up with all her whims and fancies, often he would see her marching the head gardener from one end of the grounds to the other, and then back again.
He remembered thinking as she dragged him along, surely we don’t have any land left on the palace grounds to lay yet another Garden.

The surprise was complete however when they walked arm in arm through the large Britannic ash trees that hid the lakes from the rest of the Palace, sprawled out before him were several small tents and some 8 or 9 guests and a half dozen servants.

“Here he is” squealed Caroline with delight, she had thought the secret was probably one of the worst secrets of Rechburg; but it had actually worked and her father was stunned silent with surprise.

Everyone cheered and roared with laughter, the look on Constantine’s face was enough amusement for most of them.
“Good God Caroline how on earth did you get this organised and yet kept a secret”
Caroline dragged her father over to the lake edge and taking a fishing pole from a stand thrust it into his hands.
“Papa is was not hard, you are hardly ever out of that accursed office, and all you see are officials and other toffy people, so all I had to do was not tell toffy people” she replied rather excitedly.

She stood back as the family and friends gathered around.

“Now Papa convince us that you are as good a fisherman as you used to tell us you were, you know those fishing tales that are legendary. At least as young children we thought they were”

Taking the Pole in hand, Constantine looked his daughter, he dropped the pole and gave her a huge kiss on the cheeks. He whispered in her ear
“I still can’t believe you kept it a secret, not a word reached me.”

Constantine’s eldest son Wilhelm came up putting a hand on his father’s shoulder having overheard the whisper,

“It was not difficult father; you are so oblivious of what Cal was doing during the week it really was not that hard for her to organise”.

Constantine felt a pang of regret in that remark, he looked around at his children’s faces, Caroline as usual flushed with rosy cheeks and bubbly with excitement, Leopold his youngest son sitting astride his horse wasn’t he always on or near a horse, his face with so many of his late mothers features was a constant reminder of her and her beauty; finally Willy he was truly the strong one who held all in rein, he was tall and determined. There was a lot of Constantine in Wilhelm’s personality, determination and a strong work ethic, one day he will make a fine Herzog or maybe even King.

“Yes Willy you are right, and I am terribly sorry for being so neglectful this week, but terrible things are afoot and…”

“Enough father” scolded Caroline, “we don’t want to hear, we are here to have fun; so have some fun”.
Willy picked up the fishing pole and thrust it back into his father’s hands with that sympathetic smile the men of the family gave each other when Caroline started picking on them. ”

“Father you know if you don’t do as Cal says, she will get into a terrible funk and we will suffer for it”.

Caroline took a swing at Wilhelm but he ducked.

Constantine took the pole, realising there was little he could do but go with the flow, thus he allowed himself to be led down to the lake edge.

Standing there, with a glass of wine in hand was Caroline’s best friend and confident the Britannic Ambassador Lord Geoffrey Anders.  Lord Anders was the son of the Duke of Bedford one of Britannic’s greatest Generals and also one of Rechburg’s greatest supporters within the Britannic Parliament. Geoffrey as the family called  him on unofficial occasions had started a career in the Britannic Kings Horse Guard but had lost an arm in the Battle of Grafton Mill in Gurania. Having to leave the army the Herzog had personally asked the Britannic Government if they could appoint Lord Anders as their Ambassador, an unusual request for a foreign Government but in this case and no doubt with considerable pressure from Duke Bedford and his supporters they agreed.

Geoffrey smiled as he was joined by Constantine
“Well Sire it seems we were both hijacked, I was led here because I was told you wished to see me, you are here under the guise of a fisherman it seems.”

Constantine returned the smile with a nod and then turned to Caroline, “Well my dear I see you told some toffy people,”  they all roared with laughter.
Caroline hooked her arms through her fathers and Lord Anders

“Father, Geoffrey is hardly toffy, Now come along papa, stop the chit chat, the fish will hear you”

She tugged Geoffrey on the arm,
“Geoffrey did you know that it is said that father has a gift when it comes to fishing, rumour has it that all he need to do is cast a line in the waters and fish will leap at it with gay abandon.”

Leopold now down from his horse and making his way to the group said

“Well actually Cal, the rumours if I remember came from father therefore, I suspect a little biased”.

“Maybe Leo” Wilhelm said “but now we will see. Have we been misled perchance does father have the Midas touch when it comes to fishing or is he merely another teller of fisherman tales”.

Constantine made to explain the vagaries of fathers little tales to his small children when Caroline pushed him closer to the edge

“Oh poofs, you two, now come let’s leave father to do some fishing, Leo could you go and tell Cook we will be ready for a meal shortly, and Willy come with me I want to talk with you”

Putting her arm through Wilhelm’s arm she led him over to several chairs near the rose gardens. The fragrance from the roses was still quite strong even this late of the season, though sadly most of the roses were past their best.

“Sit down Willy; I have something to tell you”

They both sat, and Caroline looked her brother in the face, she loved him dearly; he was always there for her and they seemed to enjoy an energy that bonded them close together. When they were children one would know how the other felt, if one was sick the other felt unwell, if one was sad; the other would be depressed.

“Willy” she said, just as her cheeks went red, “Willy, I want to marry Geoffrey”.

Wilhelm did a very good impression of how her father’s face must have appeared when he had been surprised not so long ago.  For a moment he too was stunned.

“Cal you must be joking, I mean you can’t…”

“Willy I can and I will, I have decided”

“No wait Cal, please just listen for a moment”.
Wilhelm paused and drew a deep breath and said,

“I know you and Geoff are good friends, good god cal we all love him; he is like another brother to me. But Cal there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t, no cannot marry him, but first tell me why?”

“Well I thought that was obvious” she pouted “I love him”.

“Cal you seem to love everybody these days, but you don’t necessarily have to marry them. Why only last year you were in love with Prince Bernhard and we all thought that was going to end in a marriage proposal, but as usual you fell out of love just as quick as you fell in.”

“Bernhard was a boy 15 years younger than me, I liked him, a lot but I could never marry him. I would never marry someone younger than me, I told you then and I am telling you now. Geoff is an older man, yes older than me by 10 years but that is what I love about him; he is older and mature.”

Wilhelm again drew a long breath, realising that this was going nowhere, when Caroline made up her mind nothing could move her, but he would try anyway.

“You know father expects us all to marry into other royal houses, marriages to strengthen Rechburg’s position in Europia. Geoffrey is a Lord admittedly but a marriage to him does nothing for Rechburg, he is not of royal blood.”

“Willy we both have had this discussion with father, and it was agreed we could marry whom we chose” Caroline said, perhaps showing a little anger that Willy was being obstructive.

“Cal, it was agreed we could marry whom we liked as long as they were royals, not just anyone.”

“Well I am not a chattel, and Geoffrey is not just anyone; he is the man I will marry. I will not be married off to some weak wristed over self indulgent royal, I will marry the man I choose and I choose Geoffrey, besides which Royal is left in Europia that would make a suitable match; no its Geoffrey”.

Wilhelm realised the futility of this argument, particularly when Caroline was like this, he would have to have a quiet word with father, he will know how to handle this.

“Cal I am not the one to convince, it is father” he said feeling rather defeated.

Caroline added “Father and Geoffrey”

Wilhelm looked at her incredulous “You are telling me Geoffrey doesn’t know about this yet?”

“No he doesn’t, and you will not say a word to father nor Geoffrey until I am ready, Geoffrey wants to marry me; but he will not ask because of the very reasons you just gave, so I need to gently prod him. Then I will deal with father”.

Wilhelm rose from his chair, “No Cal I will not say a word, but come on we better get back to the others, father is already getting restless.”
They both saw Constantine was standing at the lake edge talking to Geoffrey and several other guests, he was clearly oblivious to the fishing rod he was waving around.

As Caroline and Wilhelm made their way back to the others, through a gap in the trees Wilhelm saw a dispatch rider arriving at the palace; clearly he had been riding hard. He was met on the steps of the Palace by Colonel Natzmer, his father’s aide.
Pointing to the dispatch rider Wilhelm whispered in Caroline’s ear “That man is about to ruin your picnic”.

By the time Wilhelm and Caroline were back with the group everyone was aware that a dispatch rider had arrived, all were watching Colonel Natzmer has he walked towards them as fast as decency would allow; it was clear the message was of some urgency.
Constantine handed the rod to one of the servants and made his way to meet the Colonel Natzmer, clearly out of breath he handed the message to Constantine

“It is from Major Westerman Sire, he is with the 1st Uhlan regiment currently on Ulrichstein border duties”.

Constantine nodded to the Colonel and wandered slowly away from the group as he opened the message, it took only a few moments to read. Wilhelm knew it was bad news by the way he saw his father’s shoulders sag, his father turned and waved to him to come over.

Constantine looked at him and said
“It’s started again, its Ulrichstein the report says refugees are pouring across the border and there are reports of massacres of protestants inside Ulrichstein.”

By this time both Leopold and Caroline had made their way to their father and Wilhelm. Constantine explained the brief message and put his arms on Caroline’s shoulder,
“I am sorry my darling, but I must go; there is much to do.”
Caroline looked so disappointed, but knowing her father she had expected nothing less
“It is alright papa, I do understand and there will be other days; at least I hope there will be”.

Constantine made is way over to his guests, all of whom were watching and waiting to see how this intrusion would transpire.
Constantine said
“Friends I am sorry but I must leave our little gathering, Bishop der Plonk it seems has decided to purge Ulrichstein of Protestants, not merely to drive them out but to massacre them as well”
The gasps and shock was quite evident amongst the guests, many of whom will have had friends or relatives living in Western Ulrichstein.

Turning to Wilhelm, Leopold and Lord Anders
“Would you three be so kind as to come with me, Caroline my sweet could please help our guests continue with the picnic.”

With that the four men made their way to the palace.

 Once in the study they were joined by Colonel Natzmer and Lieutenant General Ernst Molyneaux the Chief of Staff.

Constantine made is way over to a large table, Colonel Natzmer was already in the process of laying out a map of Ulrichstein over the table, the corners being held down with ink pots.
Constantine began “Gentlemen you know why we are here, we have to discuss our options and come to a decision and do it quickly”.

Leopold was the first to speak; Constantine already had inkling of what was to come for his youngest son. Leo’s passion for the protestant faith was as well known as was his dislike of Catholics.
 “Father, there is little to discuss I would have thought, we have to send troops in and deal with that fat prick der Plonk”.
Wilhelm then spoke “I agree we need to do something, but we cannot just order troops into Ulrichstein, the main reason being most of our troops are in the process of settling into winter quarters, the snows will hit us in about 4-6 weeks and we assumed the risk of trouble was over”.

Leopold now rather excited
“Well you assumed wrong, and our brethren need us, not in 4 weeks time but right now”.

Constantine waved to Leopold
“Leo, calm your passions, I agree we have to do something, but the difficulty is doing enough of the right thing and not running of like a headless chicken.”

General Molyneaux spoke “Sire there is another complicating factor, we have reports that the Emperor is in Western Wartenburg with his army. The reports all indicated that they were there for maneuvers the Imperial army undertakes around  this time of the year, but these events and the fact that the Emperor is with the army does rather add another dimension to what now seems  now more than a coincidence”.

Constantine looked at the General
“Why the hell wasn’t I told the Emperor was in Wartenburg?”

“Sire the reports were sent on from my headquarters, we only got them at the end of the week; you should have had them by now.”

Constantine looked at Colonel Natzmer, who quickly walked over to the desk
“The reports are here sire, on your desk, I only received them yesterday and brought them in with all the other reports and clearly with all your responsibilities you have been too busy to read them yet.”

Constantine stood looking at the Colonel, then realised that the error was his own, there just didn’t seem enough hours in the day to read reports and govern Rechburg.
“Very well, bring them over here; I will need to see them now”

He turned to Lord Anders,
“Geoffrey what will the position of the Britannic Empire be on this matter?”

“Well sire I will clearly need to send for instructions, I can predict my Government will be not be pleased and I have no doubt Lord Heaphy our Ambassador to the Hapburgian Empire will already be protesting. But as far as Rechburg is concerned sire,  I fear it will take too long before I receive definite instructions and I doubt they will want to go to war over a small Bishopric in central Europia. If on the other hand Rechburg was attacked then have no doubt my Government will respond with immediate help”.

Leo butted in “I should bloody well hope so, considering you have several thousand of our troops away protecting your colonies”.
“Quiet Leo”, Constantine snapped rather annoyed at his son.

Constantine nodded his head and turned back to Geoffrey,
“Very well Geoffrey I would appreciate it if you would kindly get word away to your masters as quickly as possible, I will send word to you as to our response once we have determined a plan of action.”

Geoffrey nodded, took his hat from the side table and bowed
“Sire, I will have that message away within the hour, I should have a reply within the week”, he turned to the others and bowed to them all “gentleman, your highnesses” and then left.

Leopold sputtered “Good God, a week, by that time bloody der Plonk will have killed all our brethren; a whole bloody week before we hear and then how long before they act; presuming they do act.”

Wilhelm said “Leo it will take us at least a week to get some of our forces ready anyway, probably more like 2-3 weeks”.
Constantine was just finishing reading the intelligence report Colonel Natzmer had handed him, he was then handed another.
He looked at the Colonel “What is this?”

“It is report from Bergatonia sire, they haven’t put there army in winter quarters as of yet either, though the report does indicate some units are moving to them now”.

General Molyneaux said “Sire we cannot risk a war with the Empire, if Brittania does not stand by us we would simply be swamped, and if the Bergatonions are in on this then we are truly in a bad place”

Constantine went on to read the new report, he made is way back to his desk and slowly sat down, tossing both reports on the desk he sighed.
“Well this is a fine damn mess. If I don’t act and forego the pledge we gave at Kristinavale when we made the treaty, Rechburg’s word will never be worth the paper it is written on. If I do act I risk a winter war with the entire Hapburgian Empire and Ulrichstein on the one hand and Bergatonia and possibly the Iberians or Franconians on the other.”

He sat looking directly at Wilhelm
“Willy what do you recommend?”

Wilhelm made his way to the desk

“Father I have to believe either this has been planned for some time and that we and the Protestants in Ulrichstein are the victims of a grand alliance or as I believe it is a deck of cards and will fall over at the slightest touch.
Look at it realistically father, the Bishop leaves his move to the last possible moment. I mean even now winds are chilling dramatically, in another month the first winter storms will hit eastern Wartenburg. Even if the Emperor were to move now his whole army would take 2-3 weeks to reach Ulrichstein, that means he will not get his army back into winter quarters before the snows have arrived. That is unless of course he winters over in Ulrichstein itself, and knowing the food supply there I am picking that his army would suffer severely over a bad winter.  So I believe the Emperor was not aware the Bishop would move just now, the timing is good for the Bishop but the worst possible for the Emperor.”
Wilhelm walked over to his father’s desk gathering more of his thoughts.
“As for the Bergatonions I believe their delay is merely precautionary and as the report indicates they are just now beginning to move to winter quarters, I guess we will know by sure in the next report”.

Constantine watched his son make the report, he was pleased how quickly he had analyzed the situation and arrived at the same conclusions as he was considering.
“Excellent thank you Willy, Now Leo what do you think?”

“I cannot fault Willy’s assumptions father and I believe we have to accept that his conclusions are correct, however I believe there has to be a way we can out bluff the Bishop and met our requirements to the treaty whilst at the same time save our brethren in Ulrichstein. Can you all imagine the look on the Bishops face when he is told he is in a war and he will have to go to the Emperor cap in hand and explain why he must risk a winter war”.

“Thank you Leo” and looking at General Molyneaux he asked “What do you think Ernst?”

“I have to say sire I am very encouraged by the strategic conclusions off the two young Princes, it bodes well for Rechburg’s future.
My only fear is first that if we march we may force the Emperor to respond merely to protect his claim to Ulrichstein, it will matter little what our own real motives are. He will see a Rechburgian Army marching into Ulrichstein and he will conclude if he doesn’t act we may well take it over. A Rechburgian controlled Ulrichstein will be a stain on his honour as well as a considerable territorial loss.” The General added with a smile “We all know how prickly he is about his honour. So we have to be measured in our response and not go off on a wild tangent with our passions aroused”. Looking at Leo who he considered rather a hot head typical of young Princes these days, he then and then turned back to face Constantine.
“This is war, not a crusade so everything we do has to be measured, otherwise our motives will be totally misconstrued”.
The General slowly walked over to the Constantine’s desk. “Finally Sire there is Bergatonia. I am not convinced that it is just tardiness that is keeping their army from winter quarters, I believe knowing full well how many spies that mad bastard Duke Rupert has in Ulrichstein he is probably very aware of what the Bishop is planning, why our own Chancellor Bernstein and his spies have suggested in his reports that he believes that the countess that the Bishop keeps in tow is actually a Bergatonian spy. So I have a mind to believe the mad Duke will wait until we respond in Ulrichstein and then he will strike at us in the back, if we don’t respond to save the Protestants he will quietly go to winter quarters but knowing we have lost a huge amount of prestige for not reacting in Ulrichstein. To him even our loss of prestige would be a victory”.

Constantine rose from his chair, he walked slowly over to the window, down below he could see the guests were finally leaving, there was no sign of Caroline but he assumed she was likely in the Palace somewhere by now.
He walked from the window over to where the map was spread out; he stood there absent mindedly tapping his finger on the map edge.

“Hmmm well I am also of a mind that der Plonk is acting without the Emperors knowledge. I know the Hapburgians are only now just recovering from their war with the Tsarist Empire, I doubt very much they can afford another war right now, especially a winter one. Remember if they go to war against us they will also end up in a war against Pomonia and Flensburg, possibly even the Britannic Empire that is if that fat King can get his arse off the throne and do something positive. I doubt anyone except der Plonk wants a war for fear of the escalation.”

He turned, looking at Willy for a moment and then returned to tapping the map

“Well one thing is certain, we have to act, but it has to be in a way that everyone can see we are responding to the conditions of the treaty and not trying to take over Ulrichstein, so that means we must strike with a smaller force than I would wish, but large enough to defend itself if attacked.
The priority will be to try and reclaim the protestant areas and no more, but if things go badly the next priority is to get as many Protestants back over the border unmolested by der Plonk’s thugs.
As for the Bergatonions we are going to have to take a gamble, I will delay putting the troops into winter quarters for late as possible and we will move troops to their border, but if they do attack let there be no mistake we will be in trouble.”

Constantine sat looking at the men before him, considering his options

“Willy I am putting you in command in Ulrichstein. I know this is your first command but I believe son you are ready”.

Leo interrupted, “Please father let me go with Willy, I want to help our brethren as well”.

“No Leo, you are going down to the Bergatonia border, you are going to drag your tail all over the country and try to make it look as if we are concentrating the army. I will send you some militia but Leo let me make it plain; you are not to cross the border, not one man. You will watch and observe and make it appear you are stronger than you actually are.

Looking at General Molyneaux, “Ernst we will need to prepare for a winter campaign, just in case and if  things go from bad to worse and we have to fight a full campaign, you will take command. For now I need you to make the preparations for both a winter war and for logistics to Ulrichstein”.

Looking back at Willy he went over to him, taking him by the elbow he led him to the map

“Willy are you up to this, I can send Ernst if you feel you are not ready yet”.
Wilhelm replied without hesitation, “Father I am ready, and I can do this”.
“Good, good I knew I could rely on you my boy. Now you will be in command of a smaller force than we really need to send, I pray and hope it is enough, but if things are too bad you are to withdraw back towards Rechburg screening the army concentration and then place yourself under General Molyneaux is that clear.”

“Perfectly father, but there is so much to organise will we have time”.

“No we don’t have any time, we are already to late for some. That is why I am sending you out tomorrow, you will go directly to the border and discuss things with Major Westerman. He is to hand over his command to his second and he will join you as your second in command. You will take command of the border forces until your own command arrives which should be a few days after you arrive there. When you move Willy  you will need to strike quickly, hit hard but remember do not go into Catholic territory. You are there to either protect the Protestants or escort out those who wish to leave”.

“What if I run into the Imperial forces” Wilhelm asked.

“Willy I will have your orders ready later this evening, we will discuss the details then, but for now if the Emperor is in Protestant territory and you meet his forces you will need to make your own judgments, if he is strong retreat, if there are only a few stand your ground”.

“But father if I stand my ground we will risk a full blown war”

“Yes Willy and if it is war then I would rather fight it in Ulrichstein than Rechburg, there can be no half measures and we cannot cover every eventuality. There is much at risk here son, and you are learning that being a ruler everything you do and think comes with unforeseen risks.”

Wilhelm looked over his shoulders towards Leo who was in discussions with General Molyneaux and Colonel Natzmer.
“And if it is war, what of Bergatonia, we don’t have enough strength to fight on two fronts”

Constantine put his hand on Wilhelm’s shoulder
“Willy you take care of the Bishop, I will worry about the mad Duke”.

Constantine took his sons hand and shook it, he slapped him on the shoulder and whispered, “I am so proud of you Willy.”

Constantine turned to the others, “Gentleman we have work to do, so Willy and Leo go get yourselves ready; you both will be away by early morning, we will talk more this evening”.

His two sons both bowed and left the room, Constantine looked rather mournfully after them.
General Molyneaux noticed the concern on Constantine’s face, realising sending two sons to war for the first time was difficult for any father; he said
“They are fine sons and officer’s sire, you raised them very well and both are have are well trained. They will do just fine Sire.”

Constantine nodded, “Yes I suppose you are right, but I worry for Wilhelm because we are sending him to a war totally ill prepared and against an enemy that may outnumber him 10:1. That is difficult for any commander, but for one with little or no experience it is a huge risk.”

He stood watching the door for a few moments, then turned and went back to his desk

“Right Gentlemen, we need plans”.


  1. It looks as though events down your trouserleg of time have already departed considerably from the way I was imagining things would go. The Herzog Constantine seems to me rather more humane than the politically acquisitive tyrant that I pictured a year and a half ago; and the gentle, saintly and somewhat ineffectual Bishop Cornelius ter Plonck - who prefers suasion to coercion - has been transformed into the homicidal religious bigot for whom the only way to bring Protestants closer to Heaven is by hoisting them upon a gallows.

    It all depends upon one's point of view, I guess. I will say this, though. In my world the Archduke Piccolo is (or will become) the senior commander of the Imperial armies; the Emperor does not command in person (well, he's eighty-one years old). He will be succeeded by the Archduchess (Marina-)Harmonica. Why not Piccolo? He's a cousin once removed - with weaker claim to the Imperial Purple than Violoncello's daughter, even under Salic Law. In any case, Piccolo is not interested in rule: he prefers command.


  2. Indeed I have moved my characters and events quite away from where we started, this was done on purpose so as to not cramp your style with the Archduke and the WRE. The only link our two stories have now I assume is Ulrichstein so it should give you ample room to develop.

    My Archduke is a ailing Emperor who rules, the war of Hapburgian succession is yet to come.
    My Herzog is indeed a benevolent ruler struggling to hold a small nation together amidst a whole host power hungry tyrants, the main characters for Rechburg will be the two sons.
    I really have no idea where the story goes from one main event to the next because Im leaving it up to others to make choices so its just as confusing with a mix of nervous excitement for me.
    Currently Paul is working on the Empires options, Im rather nervous about whether its war or peace or even something in between.

  3. And to make matters even worse he didn't catch any fish . . . so there goes his reputation too.

    -- Jeff

  4. Yeah aint that like a fisherman, all talk and arm waving. Of course it was rumoured that all the at arm waving was actually caused by a big fish on the line but Constantine was too busy talking to notice; dunno who to believe now.

  5. At any rate, I'm looking forward to more of the chronicles of Rechburg. Meanwhile, it might be a bit of a while before I can kick start the Times and Tribulations of Trockenbeeren-Auslese...

  6. Come on your highness get the scribes busy. Looking forward to it